May has so far been a great month for Wort Production here at Cannon Hill Brewing, particularly our dark beers! Coming into the colder months we tend to see the nights get heavier & darker. The same can be said about beers coming into Winter as we welcome some of our colder weather companions in the form of Stouts & Porters.

We have a good variety of dark beers available in store at the moment with more to come in the following months:

  • Irish Stout – A rich, black and roasty stout with notes of chocolate and coffee.
  • Oatmeal Stout – Coffee-like, bringing the nuttiness of oats to the fore.
  • Russian Imperial Stout – Big, dark & chocolatey with notes of coffee.
  • Brown Ale – True to the tradition, caramel and biscuit-like.
  • Baltic Porter – Rich malty caramel sweetness and dark fruit flavours will dominate, with just a hint of liquorice.

For those of you who might not be in to darker beers, or maybe just simply don’t think it gets cold enough in Queensland, we have fresh batches of our usual lineup and some other notable goodies available!

  • American Pale Ale – A combination of rich and biscuity malts support citrusy and clean hop aroma.
  • Amber Ale – A brilliant amber colour, rich caramel and dark fruit aroma.
  • Saison – A fruity, dry character with high attenuation and moderate bitterness.
  • Australian Lager – A clean and crisp Australian lager, with minimal malt profile, medium bitterness, and restrained hop aroma.
  • European Lager – Golden, light-bodied lager with a floral hop aroma and clean finish.
  • Citra-Pacifica Ale – A variant of our ever popular Pacific Ale Fresh Wort, hopped exclusively with Citra hops. Smooth-bodied with a burst of citrus aroma.
  • Single Hop Pale Ale – A very balanced Pale Ale. We brew a whole range of Single Hop Pale Ales, each with different hops to showcase the intricacies in each hop.

These All-Grain Fresh Wort Kits are brewed in house and are hands down the best & easiest way to get started on brewing commercial quality craft beer at an affordable price. Come in to the store and find out how you can get started.