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Whether you're seasoned brewer, or looking to discover the world of home brewing for the first time, Cannon Hill Brewing has you covered.


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Fresh Wort Kits

Our Fresh Worts are the highest quality brews you can make at home – and the easiest! Simply open the lid and add to a sanitised fermenter. Just top up with water and pitch your yeast.

Workshops & Demonstrations

We hold regular Classes & Workshops aimed at providing education on a broad range topics from beginner’s brewing basics to more advanced & specialty techniques.

Co2 Refills

We do CO2 Refills while you wait. This usually takes just a few minutes. We use only the best Food Grade CO2 for your refill without swapping your cylinder for somebody elses.

Cannon Hill Brewing

When we first thought about opening another home brew shop in Brisbane we asked as many home brewers as we could find, what they wanted in their “ideal” home brew shop.

The answer came back loud and clear!

It seems brewers want to go to just one store to get all that they need without having to go all over town. It will always be our mission to stock at all times an abundant range of products across as many categories as possible.

New Wort Kits for May

May has so far been a great month for Wort Production here at Cannon Hill Brewing, particularly our dark beers! Coming into the colder months we tend to see the nights get heavier & darker. The same can be said about beers coming into Winter as we welcome some of our...

Why Are Beer Bottles Brown?

The easy answer is to protect beer from light. Only recently (in 2001) did we figure out how light causes the fault called light struck or skunked beer. Chemists at the University of North Carolina and Ghent University in Belgium found that when a beer has been...

The Importance of Fermentation

Fermentation is the most important phase of the home brewing process. It is all about providing the yeast with the best conditions possible to allow it to convert the sugars contained within the Wort into alcohol, carbon dioxide and desirable flavours and aromas. Two...

Kegging & Carbonation Kegging

Kegging and Carbonation Kegging, Carbonating and Line balancing all really affect the quality of your craft homebrew. Understanding how to properly keg, carbonate and pour your beer will  help give you reliable results every time. Often the limited, erroneously...

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