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Whether you're seasoned brewer, or looking to discover the world of home brewing for the first time, Cannon Hill Brewing has you covered.


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Fresh Wort Kits

Our Fresh Worts are the highest quality brews you can make at home – and the easiest! Simply open the lid and add to a sanitised fermenter. Just top up with water and pitch your yeast.

Grain Recipe Builder

Have you got a grain order to submit? Use our new Grain Recipe Builder to browse our grain stock and create your own custom grain bill to specification for in store pick up.

Workshops & Demonstrations

We hold regular Classes & Workshops aimed at providing education on a broad range topics from beginner’s brewing basics to more advanced & specialty techniques.

Cannon Hill Brewing

When we first thought about opening another home brew shop in Brisbane we asked as many home brewers as we could find, what they wanted in their “ideal” home brew shop.

The answer came back loud and clear!

It seems brewers want to go to just one store to get all that they need without having to go all over town. It will always be our mission to stock at all times an abundant range of products across as many categories as possible.

New Wort Kits for June

We're well and truly in to June now and our beer styles are certainly reflecting it! We've been working on some of our regulars and crowd favourites as well as some of our more seasonal beers & special one-off experimental beers! We're still focusing heavily on our...

Grainfather Brewery Setup Specials

We have some great in store specials on the Grainfather Advanced Brewery System Setup including the Grainfather Connect All Grain Brewing System, the Grainfather Glycol Chiller, and the Grainfather Conical Fermentor Pro Edition. We're currently offering 10% off...

What makes beer develop ‘Off-Flavors’?

Before you begin your investigation into the realm of off-flavors, it is critical that you understand that these qualities are sometimes the actual characteristics of a beer’s style or signature. 

Whether you are a home-brewer or a passionate lover of beer,...

Water Chemistry for Brewing

Introduction to Water chemistry for brewers Water chemistry is arguably more important when all grain mashing than it is for extract brewers. Extract brewers may need to make adjustments to unsuitable water, or even "build" water chemistry from scratch, to make a...

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