Fresh Brewer’s Worts

Our All-Grain Fresh Brewer’s Worts are brewed right here at Cannon Hill Brewing with quality & ease in mind.

Suitable for both beginner and expert brewers, our Fresh Wort Kits will guarantee you have a top quality brew on in a matter of minutes.

Browse our Wort descriptions & prices and come in to the store and pick up your favourite style of beer today.

fresh brewer's worts
Amber Ale

A brilliant amber colour, rich caramel and dark fruit aroma. – $45.00

American Pale Ale

A combination of rich and biscuity malts support citrusy and clean hop aroma. – $45.00

Australian Lager

A clean and crisp Australian lager, with minimal malt profile, medium bitterness, and restrained hop aroma. – $45.00

Chocolate Porter

Rich malty caramel sweetness and dark fruit flavours will dominate, with just a hint of chocolate. – $48.00


True BIG hop beer. – $49.00

Citra-Pacifica Ale

A variant of our ever popular Pacific Ale Fresh Wort, hopped exclusively with Citra hops. Smooth-bodied with a burst of citrus aroma. – $45.00

Dubbel (Seasonal)

A reddish-copper Belgian Style Trappist Ale with rich malty flavours and dark fruit esters. – $48.00

European Lager

Golden, light-bodied lager with a floral hop aroma and clean finish. – $45.00

Extra Special Bitter

Plenty of punch from the hops against the sweetness and complexity of the malt blend. – $45.00

Isn't it obvious US-IPA

Simco Citra and centennial hops feature in this refreshing brew. – $48.00

German Rye Ale (Roggenbier)

Coppery in colour, medium body, moderately spicy, highly carbonated & creamy. – $45.00


A Pale, refreshing German wheat beer with high carbonation, a dry finish, and a fluffy mouth-feel. – $45.00

India Pale Ale

Strong and hoppy English India Pale Ale with a full malt body and lingering hop presence. – $45.00

Irish Red Ale

A brilliant red/copper coloured ale brewed with rich English malts with a touch of roast on the finish. – $45.00

Irish Stout

A black beer with a pronounced roasted flavour, similar to coffee. – $45.00

Mexican Cerveza

Great balance between malt and bitterness. Lightly hopped with a crisp, clean flavour profile. – $45.00

Munich Dunkel Lager

Malt goodness in a chocolate-like brew. Mild and balanced with Low bitterness. – $45.00

Oatmeal Stout

Coffee-like, bringing the nuttiness of oats to the fore. – $45.00

Pacific Ale

Smooth-bodied with a burst of citrus aroma from the fresh Australian Galaxy hops, our Pacific Ale Fresh Wort contains 50% Pale and 50% Wheat Malt. – $45.00

Russian Imperial Stout

Big, Dark & Chocolatey with notes of coffee. –$55.00


A pale, refreshing, moderate strength Belgian Ale with a very dry finish.  – $45.00

Single Hop Pale Ale Range

We brew a whole range of Single Hop Pale Ales, each with different hops to showcase the intricacies in each hop. – $45.00

Smokey Porter

Medium bodied dark beer with a smokey profile. – $45.00

Sparkling Ale

Smooth & balanced, all components merge together with similar intensities. – $45.00

Vienna Galaxy SMaSH

A Single Malt, Single Hop Pale Ale with Vienna Malts & Galaxy Hops. – $45.00