CO2 Refills

We do CO2 Refills while you wait. This usually takes just a few minutes.

At Cannon Hill Brewing you will also find in stock full CO Cylinders such as-

  • 2.6kg Cylinder Full $189
  • 6kg Cylinder Full $219
Sample of CO Cylinder Sizes - CO2 Refills

Sample of CO Cylinder Sizes

Our refilll charge is just $10/kilo – 7 days a week!

This applies to cylinders where you are the owner. We unfortunately cannot refill rental cylinders, damaged cylinders or out of date cylinders.  The most common size is the 2.6kg size. It is easy to carry and takes up little room under your bar or at the back of your Keggerator

Don’t want to wait – no worries. Drop it in on your way to work or play and it will be ready for you when you return.

CO2 Refills

Check out this short video of a CO2 Refill in action.

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