0.2 Micron Air Filter


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0.2 Micron Air Filter

The 0.2 Micron Air Filter is a microbiological air filter designed to be used with a Wort Aerator. The filter will remove microbes and bacteria from the air before it is pumped into your wort, removing a chance of infection. The 0.2 Micron Air Filter has an efficiency rate of 99.99%  and is capable of filtering down to 0.023 microns.

The filter will attach to the aerator with  3/8′ ID tubing. However, 1/4’ID will work as a substitute.

The 0.2 Micron Air Filter IS NOT suitable for liquids. The filter should be discarded/replaced if it becomes wet. The filter is also ready to be replaced when it shows signs of discolouration.


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Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 5 cm
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