Mangrove Jacks M29 French Saison Yeast


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Mangrove Jacks M29 French Saison Yeast

Mangrove Jacks M29 French Saison Yeast is an extremely high attenuation yeast strain. M29 creates beers with distinctive spicy, fruity, and peppery notes. This strain can reach up to 14% ABV, and is best utilized in producing Saisons and other farmhouse style beers, 


Attenuation: Very High

Flocculation: Medium

Storage Recommendations: Store in the fridge

Usage Directions: Sprinkle directly on up to 23 L (6 US Gal) of wort. For best results, ferment at 18-25 degrees C (64-77 degrees F).

Brewing with the correct yeast strain is critical when creating a beer with personality. In many instances, your yeast choice will be the biggest determinant of flavour post-fermentation, so always select a yeast suited to your beer style. Browse our dried and liquid yeast range for other options. For more information on Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series dried yeasts, click HERE.

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