Mangrove Jacks London Bitter Pouch



Mangrove Jacks London Bitter Pouch

The Mangrove Jacks London Bitter Pouch yields 23L of sweet malty Bitter. Mangrove Jacks London Bitter has a fruity and caramel aroma profile, in addition to a lingering crisp bitterness.

IBU: 28-36
Colour: Orange Brown
Yield: 23 L
Brewing Sugar Required: 1kg Liquid Light Malt OR 1kg Light Dried Malt
Recommended Ferment Temp: 18-20C

The Mangrove Jack’s Pouches preserve more flavour than the traditional canning method due to their specialised packing technique. The use of nitrogen and flash pasteurisation prevents the need for the long cool-down required in the canning process. As a result, this preserves the more delicate aromatics within the malt extract.

Get great brewing advice for your Mangrove Jack’s Pouch from Cannon Hill Brewing, Brisbane’s homebrew Specialists.

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Weight 1.88 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 9 × 31 cm
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