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This Australian dual purpose hop was originally released under the name “Stella”. Ella AU is often referred to as the little sister hop to Galaxy AU; however, Ella AU’s more rounded and subtle flavour characteristics allow the strain to stand on its own.

In small additions, Ella AU is able to bring out subtle hints of spice and floral notes. On the other hand; when added in larger additions or as a dry hop, Ella brings out stronger tropical flavours like grapefruit.

Ella AU is perfect for late additions in both Lagers and Pilsners

Ella AU

Alpha acid: 13.3-16.3%
Aroma profile: Tropical – Floral – Spicy
Possible Substitutes: Perle – Palisade

Hops are the flavour powerhouses of the Brewing Industry. Thus, it is important to experiment with different hops and brewing styles. Browse our hop range for more Aroma, Bittering, and Dual purpose hops. We invite you to read more on ‘Yakima Valley Hops’ products HERE

Larger sizes can be available upon request. So, Contact us with your requirements.

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