CHB Red X Double Secret IPA Fresh Wort



CHB Red X Double Secret IPA Fresh Wort

The CHB Red X Double Secret IPA fresh wort is a secret worth tasting. The private blends of Red X malt and Fortnight Hops make the double secret, so while we know what is in our wort even we don’t have all the details.

The Red X imparts a unique red colour to the wort with its blend of grains while fortnight contains five different types of US  hops, some popular, some experimental.


Add the contents of the fresh wort to a clean and sanitised fermenter. Top up to 23L (for bottlers) or 20L (for keggers) and pitch a suitable yeast. Ferment at the yeast’s recommended temperature range. Package when the gravity is consistent for 3 consecutive days.

Fresh Worts are the highest quality brews you can make at home – and the easiest! Simply open the lid and add to a sanitised fermenter. No fussing about with can openers, steeping grains or boiling hops; simply top up with water and pitch your yeast. An all-grain beer made with the freshest malts and hops, our fresh brewer’s worts are made in-house at Cannon Hill Brewing every week. Our styles are always changing, so come down and have a look at our range. You’ll be surprised with the sheer convenience, the range of styles, and premium quality of our Fresh Wort kits.

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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 40 cm

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