Alcotec 48hr Yeast


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Alcotec 48hr Yeast

Alcotec 48hr Yeast allows you to chose which kind of fermentation you want; whether it be 14% ABV within 48 hours or 20% ABV over 5 days. It all comes down to how much sugar you add to your fermentation.

To ferment out 14% ABV in 48 hours, add 6kgs of pure sugar per 25L of fermentable material.

To ferment out 20% ABV over 5 days, add 8kgs of pure sugar per 25L of fermentable material.

ABV:  14% in 48 hours – 20% in 5 days
Fermentation Temp:
 starting: 21°C – 35°C, then 26°C

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Which Sugar To Use

Plain white sugar will work perfectly fine, However, for better solubility, we suggest you use a brewing sugar such as Dextrose Monohydrate. If you do use Dextrose instead of plain sugar, you will need to dose another 10% to compensate for the water molecule.

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