Fresh Brewer’s Worts

Our All-Grain Fresh Brewer’s Worts are brewed right here at Cannon Hill Brewing with quality & ease in mind.

Suitable for both beginner and expert brewers, our Fresh Wort Kits will guarantee you have a top quality brew on in a matter of minutes.

Come in to the store and pick up your favourite style of beer today.

Amber Ale
A brilliant amber colour, rich caramel and dark fruit aroma.
American Pale Ale
A combination of rich and biscuity malts support citrusy and clean hop aroma.
Australian Lager
A clean and crisp Australian lager, with minimal malt profile, medium bitterness, and restrained hop aroma.
Baltic Porter
Rich malty caramel sweetness and dark fruit flavours will dominate, with just a hint of licorice.
Brown Ale
True to the tradition, caramel and biscuit-like.
Citra-Pacifica Ale
A variant of our ever popular Pacific Ale Fresh Wort, hopped exclusively with Citra hops. Smooth-bodied with a burst of citrus aroma.
European Lager
Golden, light-bodied lager with a floral hop aroma and clean finish.
Extra Special Bitter
Plenty of punch from the hops against the sweetness and complexity of the malt blend.
Fortnight Pale Ale
Grapefruit tastes feature in this refreshing brew.
India Pale Ale
Strong and hoppy English India Pale Ale with a full malt body and lingering hop presence.
Irish Red Ale
A brilliant red/copper coloured ale brewed with rich English malts with a touch of roast on the finish.
Irish Stout
A rich, black and roasty stout with notes of chocolate and coffee.
Munich Dunkel Lager
Malt goodness in a chocolate-like brew. Mild and balanced with Low bitterness.
Oatmeal Stout
Coffee-like, bringing the nuttiness of oats to the fore.
Pacific Ale
Smooth-bodied with a burst of citrus aroma from the fresh Australian Galaxy hops, our Pacific Ale Fresh Wort contains 50% Pale and 50% Wheat Malt.
Russian Imperial Stout
Big, Dark & Chocolatey with notes of coffee.
Single Hop Pale Ale Range
We brew a whole range of Single Hop Pale Ales, each with different hops to showcase the intricacies in each hop.