About Us

“Your one stop home brew shop”

When we first thought about opening another home brew shop in Brisbane we asked as many home brewers as we could find, what they wanted in their “ideal” home brew shop. The answer came back loud and clear!

It seems brewers want to go to just one store to get all that they need without having to go all over town. It will always be our mission to stock at all times an abundant range of products across as many categories as possible.

What this means to you:

Real choice, Competitive pricing, Qualified advice.

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Friendly staff with very informative workshops. I have visited the store several times and am like a kid in a candy store! – Matthew
Great service. Informed friendly staff. Free classes in cooking and brewing. Best brew shop I’ve ever been to. – Edward
Huge stock at good prices, friendly and knowledgeable. Classes are great! – Roon
Much more than just a brew shop plenty of helpful advice and friendly people. I will be visiting again – Jim
Great range and immaculately laid out inventory. – Sam
Excellent service and product knowledge. – Doug